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"You" artwork.

A musical release is a collection of one or more songs made available for the public to acquire, either for purchase or for free. The format these packages can take vary but largely fall under three categories: single, EP, mini-album and album.

LorD and Master issues releases in these four formats, though mini-albums and singles are rare.

Release history

LorD and Master has released the following packages to date:

Release name Type Date Catalogue number Artwork
One Album 2009-07-28 LAM000/LAM000A
Shattered dreams EP 2010-10-05 LAM001
Reality Album 2010-10-11 LAM002
Reality art.jpg
Outcast Album 2011-01-19 LAM003
Outcast art.jpg
Obviously Album 2011-01-21 LAM004
Polarity Album 2011-03-19 LAM005
Polarity art 500px.jpg
You move me EP 2011-07-19 LAM006
You move me - art.jpg
Tornado EP 2011-08-11 LAM007
Tornado - art.jpg
Discover Album 2011-08-13 LAM008
Discover art.png
Continuum Album 2011-10-31 LAM009
I will be with you Single 2011-10-31 LAM010
I will be with you - art - 1000.jpg
I will be with you - remixes EP 2011-10-31 LAM011
I will be with you - art - 1000 remixes.jpg
Another Christmas without you Single 2011-12-12 LAM012
Another christmas without you 1000.jpg
Miserablism Album 2012-01-30 LAM013
Miserablism art 1000.jpg
Miserablist Album 2012-01-30 LAM014
Miserablist art 1000.jpg
The fall of love EP 2012-04-19 LAM015
The fall of love art 1000.jpg
Notes from a small island EP 2012-06-11 LAM016
Notes from a small island - art 1000.jpg
Six40 Mini-album 2012-09-24 LAM017
Six40 4 1000.jpg
Doing what I have to EP 2013-04-01 LAM018
Doing what i have to ep.jpg
Redux Album 2013-04-29 LAM019
Revox Album 2013-04-29 LAM020
Again EP 2013-11-11 LAM021
Again 1000.jpg
Univerbose Album 2013-11-25 LAM022
Outside EP 2013-12-30 LAM023
You EP 2014-01-24 FREE00
Horsemen Mini-album 2014-05-03 LAM024
Flipside Album 2014-06-01 LAM025
Flipside 2.jpg
I wanna let you go EP 2014-10-19 LAM026
I wanna let you go.jpg
Kaleidophonic Album 2014-12-08 LAM027
Kaleidophonic 5.jpg
Recovery Mini-album 2015-02-02 LAM028
Follow me EP 2015-04-06 LAM029
Follow me.jpg
Demonic Album 2015-04-13 LAM030
Any more EP 2015-07-24 LAM031
Any more.jpg
Days gone by EP 2015-09-12 LAM032
Days gone by.jpg
Forbidden Album 2015-09-19 LAM033
Forbidden 3.jpg
Anonymous EP 2015-10-03 LAM034
Influence Album 2015-10-17 LAM035
Influence 1.jpg
Singular Album 2015-11-07 LAM036
Persistent fantasy EP 2016-04-09 LAM037
Persistent fantasy 1.jpg
Mythology EP 2016-04-23 LAM038
Mythology 1.jpg
Witness Album 2016-05-07 LAM039
Battered and bruised EP 2016-06-11 LAM040
Go-go boy EP 2016-09-30 LAM041
This is now EP 2016-10-07 LAM042
This is now.jpg
Decimus Album 2016-10-14 LAM043
Decimus 3.jpg
Thoughts and prayers EP 2016-10-21 LAM044
Thoughts and prayers.jpg
Child of the 80s EP 2017-02-20 LAM045
Child of the 80s 1-01.jpg
Invincible EP 2017-03-13 LAM046
Invincible 1-01.jpg
Demeanour Album 2017-04-03 LAM047
Demeanour 1.jpg
Cold sweat EP 2017-04-17 LAM048
Cold sweat 1-01.jpg
Closure EP 2017-06-05 LAM049
I can't win EP 2017-07-17 LAM050
I can t win.jpg
Journey EP 2017-07-24 LAM051
Fractured Album 2017-07-31 LAM052
Not that strong EP 2017-08-07 LAM053
Not that strong.jpg
Do it EP 2017-09-01 LAM054
Do it.jpg
Up Album 2017-09-08 LAM055
Star dust EP 2017-09-22 LAM056
Modern age EP 2017-09-29 LAM057
Three little words EP 2018-01-08 LAM058
Three little words.jpg
Whatever you say EP 2018-02-05 LAM059
Whatever you say.jpg
Definitely Album 2018-02-19 LAM060
A midnight dreary EP 2018-03-03 LAM061
A midnight dreary.jpg
Strange chemistry EP 2018-06-25 LAM062
Strange chemistry.jpg
Eclipse Album 2018-07-09 LAM063
Song with no name EP 2018-07-23 LAM064
Song with no name.jpg
Adventure of a lifetime EP 2018-08-31 LAM065
Adventure of a lifetime.jpg
Outcast 2 Album 2018-09-10 LAM066
Outcast 2.jpg
Kino Album 2018-11-05 LAM067
White lies EP 2018-12-31 LAM068
White lies.jpg
Idiots and the rich EP 2019-04-15 LAM069
Idiots and the rich - processed.jpg
Hinting at the truth EP 2019-05-13 LAM070
Hinting at the truth - processed.jpg
Redux 2 Album 2019-05-27 LAM071
Redux 2.jpg
Midnight EP 2019-06-10 LAM072
Midnight - processed.jpg
I heard it in the 80s EP 2019-09-09 LAM073
I heard it in the 80s.jpg
Amalgam Album 2019-09-23 LAM074
Nameless EP 2019-10-07 LAM075
Finish what you started EP 2019-10-28 LAM076
Finish what you started.jpg
Marble house EP 2019-12-20 LAM077
Marble House.jpg
One night in Bangkok/February song EP 2020-02-21 LAM078
One night in Bangkok - February song.jpg
Featuring Album 2020-04-24 LAM079
Lockdown Album 2020-05-23 LAM080
Long nights, long days Single 2020-05-23 LAM081
Long nights, long days.jpg
Continuum2 Album 2020-07-03 LAM082
Silent disco EP 2020-10-12 LAM083
Silent disco 1500.jpg
Dialogue Album 2020-11-02 LAM084
When we were young EP 2020-12-07 LAM085
When we were young.jpg
Time to think EP 2021-02-19 LAM086
Time to think art.jpg
Pensive Album 2021-03-05 LAM087
Pensive art.jpg
Rainy days EP 2021-03-19 LAM088
Rainy days art.jpg
Ten80 Album 2021-04-02 LAM089
Ten80 art.jpg
Green light EP 2021-07-02 LAM090
Green light.jpg
Modus operandi EP 2021-07-23 LAM091
Modus operandi.jpg
Substantial Album 2021-08-06 LAM092
Sayonara EP 2021-08-20 LAM093